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Fin and Danica had kittens on September 27, 2013!

Red Canyon Cats introduces Wegiekatt Danica of LostWoods and StarSong Finale of LostWoods newest members of the family ... Apollo and Cassiopeia aka Cassie.

I will always be grateful to my friend Lisa Vasa of LostWoods for entrusting me with her Danica to bear and raise babies that ordinarily would have been raised in her cattery. A dear friend, she knew how I was struggling with reproductive issues with my Reagan. When she learned Danica was unexpectedly pregnant Lisa immediately called and offered to let me lease Danica. Although not mine, I brought Danica to my home, helped deliver the babies and will raise them to 14 weeks. I have a fantastic waiting list of kitten families wanting a Red Canyon Norwegian Forest Cat kitten to add to their families. This gives me the ability to partially meet my kitten families needs.

The babies will be on quite a bit of the time. Anyone who wishes to watch these two beautiful babies grow, can do so. Once you log into Ustream, my channel name is “brendamosal”. From there you can watch the live feed as well as the video of the birth.

Thanks for enjoying our “kids”!


Watch the kittens live on UStream (requires registration).

1 Week Old Kittens Slideshow on YouTube

2 Weeks Old Kittens Slideshow on YouTube

3 Weeks Old Kittens Slideshow on YouTube

4-8 Weeks Old Kittens Slideshow on YouTube

Daddy Fin

Mommy Danica



Silver mackerel tabby with white male - 7 weeks

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Cassiopeia ~ "Cassie"

Brown mackerel tabby & white female - 7 weeks

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