About Red Canyon Cats

Hello from Red Canyon Cats, in Castle Rock, Colorado! 

My name is Brenda and my 8 year old son is Grant.  Together we raise our Norwegian Forest Cats.  We are a very small cattery.  I'm not even sure you'd classify it as a cattery.  We are a small family (my husband Jeff, myself and our only child Grant).  We have two dogs (sometimes 3 - long story...) and now 5 Norwegian Forest Cats.  (Oh... and two frogs! :-) ) 

About 5 years or so ago, I lost my 3 elderly cats (all mixed breed - North Dakota barn) in about a 1 year period.   I decided maybe that was the time to get a purebred cat.  I wasn't sure which breed because there were several I admired.  About that time a cat show was advertised.  I had never even heard of cat shows!  But Wow, I wanted to go.  This would be an opportunity to look at all kinds of different breeds.  I had no idea of what to expect.  So Grant (at that time 3) and I went to our very first cat show.  We browsed the aisles looking at all kinds of cats.  I was thinking I was really interested in either a Himalayan or a Maine Coon.  Then....  I saw the most stunning cat I'd ever seen in my life.  A young Norwegian Forest Cat by the name of Kimbry.  I took a business card but kept moving on.  That cat stuck in the back of my mind.

Not too long after that show, my father in law called.  He was talking to my husband Jeff.  Jeff told him about the cat show Grant & I had attended.  (They are animal lovers as well.)  Jeff's father then asked Jeff if we had seen this breed called a Norwegian Forest Cat.  I said "oh my gosh, YES, I saw one!  And she was simply gorgeous!  After that phone call, I decided to look up the website on the business card I took.  It was lisa vasa of LostWoods.  I emailed her and not 5 minutes later, she emailed back.  Now here's where fate must come in.  There are not a whole lot of NFC's in the US.  Fewer 5 years ago as well.  And lo and behold Lisa and her friend Sondra lived in the same housing development as me!  I couldn't believe it.  Still can't!  Lisa invited me over to look at a litter of kittens she had.  We went over to her home and from there a love of the breed and my new friends evolved. 

I bought a beautiful kitten from lisa named Gwena.  It turns out Gwena was a full sister (same parents) as the lovely Kimbry I had seen at the show.  Gwena & Kimbry are look a likes.  And now that they are older, both stunning beautiful!  Then lisa (prompted by Sondra) suggested I needed a 2nd kitten.  And that it could be a male stud Lisa & I could co-own.  I thought that was a great idea!  We lost our first male kitten 6 weeks after he arrived to a horrible disease called FIP.  I was devastated, to say the least.  And very angry that such a beautiful, innocent baby could be victim to such a vicious disease.  Later we bought Ouijakatz Comet of LostWoods.  Comet turned out to be healthy, beautiful and a total lover boy!  He has sired many beautiful kittens, many of whom have had a strong show & breeding career.  He is the foundation cat to Red Canyon Cats.   

My focus though has been primarily on showing my cats.  I love the show environment.  I've met the best friends I've ever had in my life.  I've learned so much and have grown tremendously.  I have co-owned 3 males with lisa.  Up until now I've enjoyed the kittens from afar.  I've just sent my boy off to either lisa's or Sondra's when they beckened.  But now I have my first little girl, Keona.  Her grandfather is Comet.  Her daddy is Beau (my 2nd stud) and she will be bred with McCoy (my 3rd & current stud).  These kittens will be a compilation of my 3 foundation cats.  I am very excited about the prospect.

However my emphasis has been showing.  And not nearly as much as I'd like given the fact there aren't that many shows in the area.  But I go to what I can.  My cats have done well in spite of the limited showing I've been able to attend vs others who have shows in their area almost every weekend.  So needless to say, I'm very proud of my cats and their offspring.  I've watched my "grandkittens" go off to other areas and perform phenomenally.  It gives me great joy to hear from the families about their show activities, wins, and of course, photos and stories of my great grandkittens! 


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